Monday, 28 May 2012


Firstly thanks for coming to my blog and reading what I have to say! Having started writing a Fantasy Baseball blog as a way to document by experiment of attempting to win or at least compete in a fantasy baseball league without having any real baseball knowledge, all is explained in the blog, I felt I should write about something I have more of a passion and interest for and Twitter doesn't allow me to go into as much detail as I feel is necessary.

I have developed a keen interest in reading a lot of tactical pieces which can only really be found on the internet, newspapers and TV shows won't offer such a detailed look at games and how teams are set up. They are more concerned with looking at individual key incidents or mistakes as they have a wide audience base that are not all bothered by this in-depth analysis. My blog won't always focus on a tactical analysis of games but I feel this has inspired me to write my thoughts on anything football related I want to explore. If it leads somewhere then great but if not then at least I can express my myself on what I see.

With the Euros coming up I feel this is the perfect time to document my thoughts as this will clearly create a lot of talking points.  Personally I feel Zonal Marking is the best independent blogger I regularly read, his tactical analysis of teams and games is something that isn't very common but is consistently accurate. The recent victories of "reactive football" is something I am particularly intrigued by and also a little sickened by. This may seem like an overly strong term but it describes exactly how I felt after Chelsea recently won the Champions League. This isn't a dig at Chelsea or their fans even though I am a mad QPR fan and we are well known rivals. It could have been any team playing that style of football the whole tournament and managing to win Europe's elite competition just like Inter did under Mourinho in 2010. It was clear to me that since Di Matteo took over from AVB he went back to Mourinho basics. Playing Drogba up front of Torres, becoming reliant on Lampard and Terry and less of a high pressure game from the front which AVB brought to Stamford Bridge. Although the formation remained the same, a 4-3-3 4-5-1 set up depending on whether they were in possession or not. Anyway enough of that, I will write a piece relating to this and England before the Euros kick off so look out for that!

I will now move on to my first proper post about the man of today....Eden Hazard and his move to Chelsea.


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